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The highest quality honey

Live well. Taste natures bounty. Enjoy the seasons. Preserve the beauty.

About Us

Honeybees, Apis Melliferra, a hobby and passion. Our Bees forage the foliage from early spring until fall. Excess honey is handled carefully, lightly filtered, and packaged. Other products include beeswax, pollen, and propolis.

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Our Honey

Our honey is locally produced and bottled. From comb to bottle it is handled with care, cold processed, in small batches, allowing the floral sources to shine.

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Come take a virtual tour of our apiaries, There are bees, and swarms and all manner of beehives..

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Our Blog

What's new at Casey's, Check the latest.

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The best for your health from our bees

With a market to bring it to you.

Sweeten your day


Floral sources, Gathered with care, preserved and packaged for your enjoyment.

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On Icecream, french toast or biscuits, a great way to wake up.

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The health benfits are myriad, Local raw honey is good for you in more ways than one.

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