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Order Honey Online Pure, Unprocessed (Raw) Honey

Seasonal honey, extracted late summer and early fall, Cold process.

Delicious floral sources, preserved one drop at a time, stored and concentrated by honeybees, extracted and bottled to preserve the seasons bounty.

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Honey Season begins late July. If the spring buildup goes well for the hives and the weather is favorable, it's common to be able to do a midsummer extraction. The hives continue working as the summer wanes and mid September, a second extraction. The honey usually sells out before the next season's crop comes in, so April May and June you may have to wait for the next seasons crop. Candle and beeswax products available year round.

Useful Information

Crystallization of Honey

Over time honey will crystallize. Although the state of the honey has changed the flavor is not affected by crystallization. One can use crystallized honey on hot food, like biscuits, tea, or french toast, with no apparent difference. When the honey is used with hot food, the heat melts the crystals and then you have liquid honey. You can also liquify crystallized honey by heating it in a pan of water, but there are some points to keep in mind when doing so.

Sustainable Systems


Empty glass honey bottles can be reused. Rinse with hot water, and let dry and return for 1$ refund. The covers can not be reused since the liners can hold moisture when washed, so recycle those as you would normally.


Swarm Reward: May through June, Reward for speedy notice of swarm cluster in time for a capture. Pictures and details helpful. Detail sample, -Height off ground?: Near to ground, Ladder needed, Way too high. Size? -Soccerball, Football, Basketball, Medicineball. Location/Contact info/other, -Address, Cell #, Time first observed. Anything else observed that might be important.


Staghorn Sumac Reward: I use a smoker to calm the bees when I work on them. This may or may not be the best thing to do. I've heard some beekeepers use sugar water spray, but I wonder what happens to that spray. I have stuck with the tried and true beesmoker method. Staghorn Sumac makes good fuel for a beesmoker, burning slowly and smoldering with a fragrant smoke. Picking the sumac is a task that sometimes gets overlooked in the peak of the honey season, when the sumac berries are ripe and best picked. I will pay a $10 bounty for a large paper grocery bag full of sumac picked from August through September of any season. I can accept up to three grocery bags a year, so do check if it is still needed. Staghorn Sumac has bright red berries growing in bunches easily found on lower shade trees in the afternoon sun along roadsides. The branches sometimes look like stag horns and hence their name "Staghorn Sumac"