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I keep a modest number of Apiaries in Ann Arbor, Bloomfield Hills, Ypsilanti and Dexter Michigan. I extract the honey at my fathers house, in Bloomfield, and I process the beeswax in my kitchen when time permits. I love to have visitors, but often am doing the work as a hobby, most often evenings and weekends. Check the Apiary Gallery!

Honeybee Home Cutout

Honeybee, hive removal

When one advertises for free swarm removal, one invariably gets calls from homeowners about a hive of honeybees that has taken up residence in their home. Once the bees have moved inside, They are no longer considered a swarm. The difference might seem trivial, however from the moment they move inside they start to build comb, and more importantly they start to raise their young. At that point the comb, the bees, including the queen need to be carefully cut out and removed. This almost always requires a carpenter experienced in homebuilding and takes two people the better part of a day to do properly, and it costs. Additionally there's a limited number of weekends with spare time available for the hobbyist beekeeper in the early spring. Too late in the season, the cutout hive is less likely to survive. So call early to check availability and cost.

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The Queen Special Tour (SEASONAL)

The Queen Special Tour is a tour of the honey house during a honey extraction, plus Bottle Your Own 12 oz Honey Bear. - Time: Approximately 1 hour 15 minutes; Children 2 and under -No charge

Honey extraction depends on the season, hives, and flowers in bloom. The uncapping and the frame spinning process is fascinating. I hope to be able to arrange these tours. Contact for arrangements!

4 +$25.50

Swarm Removal

Swarm Removal

In the early spring I try to make myself available for swarm removal in and around SE Michigan. A swarm of bees is a phenomenon. You might notice the buzz first, then look up to see a cloud of bees moving together to a new home, You can also see them hanging in clusters on tree limbs, fence posts, rear view mirrors, the possibilities are myriad. When a swarm is clustered, it is a simple procedure for a beekeeeper to remove them. A bee swarm is typically docile, They cluster for a period of a few hours to a few days, while they scout for a new home to move to. Swarms are the exciting part of a beekepers spring season.


Beehive Tour - (Seasonal)

Join a beekeeper and work a live bee hive.

I do keep a couple beehives at my home in Ann Arbor, I can on a sunny warm day open one or both of them up and demonstrate a hive in action. Seasonal considerations are a big factor, as well as your interest level, call or email to arrange, availability depends on my schedule as well as weather, and then also when you have time as well. i hope to inspire, as time permits.

1 – 3$24.95

The Drone Assist Tour (SEASONAL)

The Drone Assist Tour is for beginning beekeepers who plan to start a beehive, Have all the parts assembled and ready, but are a little uncertain about how it's done.

The Drone Assist Tour includes site review, location recommendations. Frame and foundation inspection minor adjustments if needed, and instruction on the installation of package and queen.