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Honey Products


Delightfully sweet, yet unique in it's character. Each drop is a vibrant celebration of the seasons and good things therein.

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Honey can offer delightful flavors to tantalize your pallette. Delicate yet full, fragrant and sweet, topping or ingredient!

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Scratchy throat? A cough keeping you from sleep? A spoonful of honey is the best way for health to keep.

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Cold Process

Honey moves faster when it is heated, yet heat destroys the aromatic bonds that make it unique. Patience is virtuous.

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From flower to you, lightly filtered, bees to bottle, simple handling preserving the raw bounty.

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With Breakfast

French toast biscuits oatmeal croissants cereal bagels yogurt tea. Enliven your day with honey today.

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As the world turns at the edge of night, when you search for tomorrow, Honey the guiding delight!

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Honeycomb Haiku

Honeybee sleeping. Under the crusted snowcap. Ready for Springtime.

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Floral Sourced

Dandelion, apple, willow, rasberry, maple, blackberry, sweet clover, heather, aster, black locust, smartweed and tansy.

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Rains of sunlight, nectars flight, a lifetime measured, dried, treasured, filling your spoon, a golden boon.

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Recommended for sweetening someone up. Honey, the best gift. It can however, be so effective that it's just not fair.

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A quiet pour, slow flow, spring buildup, summers glow, swarm attraction, Honey flow, Autumn extraction. Cold winds blow.

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